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Ana Gabriele


  • • White
  • New Granada/SP

Graduated in Advertising, but currently working as an Illustrator and Designer. I aspire to work with the games market, more specifically in the creation of characters and worlds. I have extensive experience with teamwork, proactive, communicative and creative. 🙂

Daniele Biase


  • • brown
  • Sao Paulo-SP

I'm Daniele de Biase, a photographer and filmmaker focused on electronic sports, and I also work with parties, events and audiovisual productions in general. I have a degree in Social Communication - Radio and TV from FAPCOM (2018), I studied Production at Senac SP (2018) and worked on a Feature Film at Parakino Filmes (O Segredo de Davi), a Short Film at an independent production company and on authorial audiovisual products. I am currently a Filmmaker at Fluxo esports where I work capturing behind the scenes of championships and also content for Fluxo channels and delivery to sponsors. I am the owner and manager of the GirlsOnSix project, which introduced me to the world of esports; Created in September 2020, the brand's objective is to support the growth and development of the Rainbow Six Siege women's scene and the brand has 5k+ followers on the platforms, already holding an exclusive championship for women sponsored by Intel, XPG and ASRock. I have experience in planning, production, video capture and editing, as well as photography; Also good interpersonal relationships, easy to communicate, learn and proactive. I have an American visa to work outside the country.


Social media

  • • brown
  • Sao Jose Dos Campos/SP

I finished my bachelor's degree in Leisure and Tourism at EACH-USP, where we talked about entertainment and events, I found myself in the subject, but when I intended to enter the area, the pandemic came, plan B was digital marketing, like social media, I have knowledge in aspects that are linked to this (design, copywriting, analysis, photography, platforms, seo, etc.), but let's demystify that one person must do all of this alone, so I introduce myself as a content strategist and social media analyst. I have worked in both areas, event production and social media coordinator, both make sense with my analytical profile, communicator, planner, organizer and decision maker; and developed in me knowledge about sociability. All of this is linked, as the formation of Leisure and Tourism involved various subjects, such as administration, management, marketing, entertainment, economy, mobilities, events, law, geographical approaches, people management, among other broad views about the city, market and people. These subjects help the professional eye to focus on experience, sustainability and hospitality, to work with interdisciplinarity and to have an overview of the business. I am curious about marketing and advertising, studying at USP I had the opportunity to take subjects from these courses, expanding my knowledge, I have several courses outside of my degree in these areas, which made me take a greater look at the link between leisure and consumption. For more information about the courses, day-to-day work experiences, skills, publications on the topics and more about me, visit my Linkedin profile! www.linkedin.com/in/bruna-mafia-da-ressurreição



  • • brown
  • Santo André/SP

My name and nickname is Nathye, I'm from the interior of Goias, but I've been in Sao Paulo since 2019. I'm currently a Valorant streamer on Twitch and Tiktok and a content creator. I love chatting with my chat, since I'm not good at games, so my content is more about fun, and to show that to be a gamer you don't need to be a proplayer, but rather be passionate about games.  

Victoria Cabreira da Costa

Project Manager

  • • White
  • Porto Alegre/RS

Hello! I'm Vic but within CS most people know me as Arabella. I'm a publicist with experience in project management for content generation, campaign creation, wordpress development and the like. Today I'm part of the Decoy team which consists of being a collective of PJs specialized in digital marketing. There I work with 18 clients ranging from less complex jobs such as the generation of valuable content to international campaigns focused on Florida. Let's chat?



  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Vamppychan was originally a cbt idea from a group of publicity and advertising students. its focus was geek world lovers, and the core anime & game fans all in one. the tcc was approved and @vamppychan remains active to this day on social media. WHO IS VAMPPYCHAN? "I'm an anime character who interacts in real time with my audience. I currently create content for platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok" HOW IT WORKS? It is the result of virtual reality technology that is increasingly present in Brazil. To interact with her, all you need to do is join the livestream and chat and you'll immediately get a real-time response from an anime character!  



  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

Nice to meet you, I'm Letícia!! I graduated in Games. Since then I have worked professionally in sectors such as sales assistant, sales and administrative assistant. I have also worked as a petAnjo/Dog hero. I also make crafts (Amigurumis) for sale. I am always open to new work opportunities, to evolve and grow more and more, always learning as much as I can, and sharing all the information I can.



  • • White
  • Passos/MG

I am a Technologist in Graphic Design by UNIFRAN. Currently I work mainly with arts for social media and logos, but I also have experience with lettering, layout, material for livestreams, offline media, etc.


Content Creator

  • • White
  • Fortaleza/CE

Passionate about Games since I was a child, but it was during the pandemic that I decided to invest in e-Sports. Today I am a content producer, influencer and presenter; in addition to Director of Valkirias Powered by Next. However, my journey began a long time ago at the event in Fortaleza, Sana, as a presenter, through it, I already had the opportunity to interview several national and international names such as: Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), Ruth Connell and Osric Chau (Supernatural), Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead), João e Chico (INTZ), Sidney Gusman (Graphic MSP).


QA Analyst

  • • brown
  • Cuiabá/MT

Technologist with experience in Software Quality Assurance, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design and Illustration, and academic experience with 2 Scientific Articles published focused on social areas with a focus on women in technology, psychology, virtual and augmented reality, and games. I am passionate about games and animation and I aim to maintain engagement in projects that support women and minorities in the areas of technology, games and esports, as well as expanding technology accessibility. Graduated in Computer Science from UFMT and currently studying Post-Graduation Lato Sensu in Software Development - Web at UFSCar. Currently working as Software QA Tester and studying Unreal Engine and Test Automation. My most recent experience in game development was creating the space ex at the Women Game Jam 2019. Published Polls: Perceptions of high school students about the subareas of Computing Game Over: death representations in Virtual Reality Environments    


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