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  • • brown
  • Ibitinga/SP

I'm 20 years old, I'm a communicative girl, very lively, I always want to make the people around me happy. I started lives in 2019, the same year I got affiliated with twitch. the phrase that describes me is: "I'm a dreamer, that's what keeps me alive"

  • Level of performance: Young apprentice
  • Games of interest: league of legends Overwatch rainbow six siege VALORANT Genre Horror

Flavia Nascimento La Greca


  • • White
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Passionate about games since I was a child, now I'm looking to give start in my career through professional experiences that combine the universe of games with my training in Social Communication - Advertising. I'm curious, I love writing and being with people.

  • Level of performance: Intern
  • Games of interest: VALORANT Genre First Person Shooter (FPS) MMORPG Genre Card Game Genre Genre Horror Genre Survival (Survival) Genre Platform Genre Adventure Genre Action Indie Genre



  • • White
  • Osasco/SP

Hello, my name is Paula! ????‍♀️ I'm a Digital Games Technologist ????‍???? and also a Game Jammer ???????? I love creating and programming games ????‍???? and I've been doing it since 2019, when I changed my field of work ⚖, as academic and personal projects, practicing and learning in order to do it professionally. I currently work with non-functional QA testing ???? in .NET and Java systems. My drive is to create unique game experiences by contributing with the best programming practices.

  • Level of performance: Junior
  • Games of interest: General


Talent/Influencer Manager

  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

From an early age I am passionate about Games, so I am driven by challenges, overcoming obstacles and passing stages. The next phase of my career is to combine my passion for Games with my love for influencer marketing. Does your guild have what it takes to tackle some co-op quests with me? ????

  • Level of performance: Coordinator
  • Games of interest: CS:GO league of legends VALORANT Genre First Person Shooter (FPS) Battle Royale Genre MOBA Genre MMORPG Genre



  • • White
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ

I'm 21 years old, I'm a Technologist Marketing student and I'm looking for an opportunity in the job market to gain experience and develop new skills. I worked for almost two years as an Administrative Assistant (young apprentice) in the DP sector with point sheets, benefits, helping employees with questions and answering the phone. Shortly afterwards I was transferred to the Planning sector as General Office Assistant, where I stayed until the end of the contract with daily monitoring of external teams in activities, analysis of reports, daily feedback to the strategic sector and telephone calls. I find it very easy to learn new things, I am flexible and I am very interested in the technology/games area, since it is a world that I follow quite often. I am available for further conversation.

  • Level of performance: Intern
  • Games of interest: CS:GO Overwatch VALORANT Genre First Person Shooter (FPS) Genre Survival (Survival) Genre Platform Indie Genre

Bianca Felix

Team Manager

  • • brown
  • Juiz De Fora/MG

Passionate and focused on e-sports.

  • Level of performance: Intern
  • Games of interest: free fire


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