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Community Manager

  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

Proactive, creative, communicative, I love working as a team and bringing innovative ideas. Finishing my degree in Publicity and Propaganda, I have experience in Social Media even before attending college, curiosity led me to wisdom! Heavy user of social networks, I'm always on top of trends. Gamer, passionate about football, anime, movies, series and kittens.

  • Games of interest: FIFA league of legends Overwatch VALORANT
  • Level of performance: Coordinator

Maria Carolina Mergener

Strategic Planner

  • • White
  • Niterói/RJ

Advertising, hybrid of planning and creation, postgraduate student in Neurosciences and Behavior, creates from the interior of Rio de Janeiro and platinum in LoL's TFT (lol). I've been working for 8+ years creating and planning strategic actions for brands, focusing on the digital environment, and since 2021 I've been working with the Gaming and Esports territories.

  • Games of interest: General fortnite league of legends MMORPG Genre Card Game Genre Genre Survival (Survival) Indie Genre
  • Level of performance: Manager



  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

I've always been a very communicative person and my dream is to work in entertainment journalism. I graduated from high school in 2019 and in 2021 I managed to enter college using my Enem note at ProUni, where I got a scholarship of 100%. I like fantasy and romance books and movies of various genres. Music is an important part of my life and I do pretty much everything listening to good music or a podcast.

  • Games of interest: clash royale fortnite league of legends Legends of Runeterra Overwatch street fighter Battle Royale Genre RPG Genre Genre Adventure Indie Genre
  • Level of performance: Intern

Luciana Merij

Product manager

  • Sao Paulo-SP

Hi, I'm Luci! I have been working with products and projects since 2017 and in 2021 I started to focus on international developments, both in North America and in Latin America. I really believe in empathetic leadership to ensure high performance and excellent deliveries, and I've seen firsthand how this makes a difference within a team. My experiences rely on e-commerce, edtechs and logitechs, but recently I decided to turn my career in a direction closer to my passions, and seek an opportunity in the games and entertainment industry, and that's why I joined this incredible network from MIBR <3  

  • Games of interest: General
  • Level of performance: Full

Renata Bagnato


  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

Esports commentator and presenter, as well as content creator. I've worked with GamersClub, Globo/SporTV, SBT, BGS and much more. Pioneer in female CSGO casting.

  • Games of interest: CS:GO VALORANT
  • Level of performance: Other

Naomi Andrade


  • • White
  • Campina Grande/PB

Hello! I'm Naomi, I'm 20 years old, I'm an illustrator and streamer and I study Digital Games at Unifacisa (in Campina Grande - Paraíba). I always wanted to work with games and audiences. I'm non-binary and very charismatic. My main social networks are Twitch, Instagram and Artstation. I'm fluent in English and I've even done an exchange program through the state government to Canada, so I have an interesting experience in dealing with different people. As for my illustrations, I have been digitally illustrating for 6 years. My streams started in 2020.

  • Games of interest: league of legends General MOBA Genre RPG Genre MMORPG Genre Genre Horror Genre Survival (Survival) Genre Sandbox
  • Level of performance: Junior


Human Resources

  • Sao Paulo-SP

Hello, I'm Dani! I have a degree in Human Resources Management and have had experience in the area as an assistant and apprentice. I am passionate about people, HR is an area that delights me a lot and I love to experience new challenges. Just like in games, I always try to do my best with a lot of animation, focus and collaboration.

  • Games of interest: fortnite Genre Fight Genre Adventure Genre Action
  • Level of performance: Assistant


Social media

  • • White
  • Osasco/SP

Dedicated professional and Design student at the Faculty of Technology (FATEC), focusing on Design, Marketing and UX. I look for opportunities to start my career and demonstrate my talent and willpower in contributing to creative teams. I have a strategic approach to design and marketing and constantly seek to improve my skills. I am organized, communicative and have ease in leading projects. I'm looking for opportunities to apply my knowledge and contribute to the team's success.

  • Games of interest: Genre Horror
  • Level of performance: Intern



  • • brown
  • Aracaju/SE

Hello, my name is Yasmin and in my social networks and games, for the most part, I have a social nickname like "wDeusa". I'm passionate about 2D games, especially if they're in the horror/horror genre, with their mixes and highlights in mystery and suspense. I love games full of stories, giving priority to visual novels, and I don't miss an opportunity to try new experiences. I consider myself a person who loves to play a bit of everything, but I have my priorities when it comes to my personal list of best games. I'm currently playing League of Legends in my spare time. Going to the more professional side, I have a degree in Digital Games since 2021 from Universidade Tiradentes, and I am looking for an opportunity in the world of game design and project management, as they are areas that I have the most affinity with. I have the habit of being very organized in all the games that I will produce, since I learned during the course, with each game played. For many teams and pairs that I worked with, I worked as a game designer, 2D illustrator, UI designer and screenwriter, in addition to other functions which I acquired as my first or only experience, such as 3D modeling, level design, storyboarding, 2D animation and team leadership. I am currently providing UI designer services for an indigenous game project, Inaiê, which is currently in its prototyping phase, and in parallel to that, I am continuously developing a game submitted to the 2022 Woman Game Jam by the Fadas Cansadas Dev team , called Cargo dos Sonhos, with my main functions focused on game design, project management, UI design and script.

  • Games of interest: league of legends MMORPG Genre Genre RTS Genre Horror Genre Survival (Survival) Genre Sandbox Genre Adventure Genre Action Indie Genre
  • Level of performance: Junior



  • • White
  • Rio das Ostras/RJ

In love with games since the time when I played in Lan house and Super Nintendo. After living abroad for a period, I came back willing to change areas and really invest in what I like. Accepting new experiences inside or outside the Legal area. Graduated in Law, post-graduated in Public Law and post-graduated in Digital Law and Compliance. I live in search of female inclusion, to put an end to this existing gender inequality in online games.

  • Games of interest: CS:GO Apex Legends rainbow six siege General street fighter VALORANT Genre First Person Shooter (FPS) Battle Royale Genre Genre Horror Genre Survival (Survival) Genre Fight Genre Adventure Genre Action
  • Level of performance: Assistant

Marina García Lopes


  • • brown
  • Belo Horizonte/MG

I've been a developer of technology projects in information management for 15 years, deploying cloud systems, compliance, web application development. In addition, I participate in a StartUp called SeJoga de Gamers Mulheres to develop safe environments for women.

  • Games of interest: General fortnite league of legends VALORANT RPG Genre Genre Platform
  • Level of performance: Consultant


QA Analyst

  • Sao Paulo-SP

Quality assurance analyst focus on helping companies' teams to ensure that their software is working correctly and effectively, before putting it in the hands of customers. Experience in agile methods and focused testing. Technology and innovation enthusiast.

  • Games of interest: General
  • Level of performance: Full



  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

I'm Suelen, I'm 35 years old, and of these, at least 30 years are dedicated to video games. I play from the Master System with my brother and today on the Switch/PS5 with my daughter or on the computer with my husband. I have 10 years of experience in the administrative/financial department, where I master everything from accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow, bank negotiation, issuing invoices, financial analysis and planning to personnel department routines, such as interviews, admission and dismissal , payroll, tax issuance and salary analysis. I left this business in 2014 to dedicate myself full time to the biggest project of my life, which would be educating and raising an incredible human being who is my daughter, and I gradually returned to the job market, supporting systems on the TOTVS platform, on RM , which is focused on human resources and payroll. I found myself in psychology during the pandemic and I am looking for an opportunity in this area. Thank you very much.  

  • Games of interest: Overwatch VALORANT Wild Rift RPG Genre MMORPG Genre Genre JRPG Genre Horror Genre Sports
  • Level of performance: Assistant


Human Resources

  • Sao Joao Da Boa Vista/SP

In all my experiences I worked with planning, customer service, project management, teamwork and motivation, which led me to have ease in these aspects. I aim to work in the areas of PSYCHOLOGY, HUMAN RESOURCES and PEOPLE MANAGEMENT and/or QUALITY. Experience in leading teams. Focus on process and relationship improvement.

  • Games of interest: CS:GO VALORANT Genre Sports
  • Level of performance: Coordinator

Paloma olive

Account Manager

  • • White
  • Sao Paulo-SP

Hello 🙂 My name is Paloma, but everyone calls me Pê. I am 28 years old and have a degree in Advertising, specializing in branding. I have been working in Advertising for around 9 years and I definitely love what I do. My areas of greatest activity are technology and entertainment. My specialty is the Games market. I've worked with ORGS as B4 and in an advertising agency focused only on Games and electronic games. I've been playing forever and I follow the CS, VALORANT and Free Fire scenes. Within these games, I have worked with agencies and major brands for ORGS and various advertising work involving brands such as Samsung, Cooler Master, Paris Filmes, Digio and Outback! In my free time I like to play free fire, ride my bike and take photos and videos around the city.

  • Games of interest: General CS:GO free fire league of legends VALORANT Wild Rift
  • Level of performance: Full

Mariana Dutra


  • • Black
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ

I'm Mariana, also known as MadMaryXD because of my work as a content creator. Pronouns she/her. I've been doing livestreams since 2017 on my Twitch channel and I use other social networks to support my live channel and to interact with the public. I graduated in Visual Communication Design and I work as a designer and illustrator. I have been working on the Wakanda Streamers project since 2019 as a member and part of the community administration. Passionate about games, drawing and painting (digital and traditional), I try to build a fun and welcoming space on my channel and create bridges with people. My professional experience is with the creation of 2D illustrations of characters or digital scenarios, traditional drawing and painting with inks, pencils and markers, creation of graphic pieces for internet, social networks and videos, layout of projects, image treatment, video editing for social networks, institutional videos and small experience with creating motion graphics and animation.  

  • Games of interest: General Other Apex Legends fortnite Overwatch Genre First Person Shooter (FPS) Battle Royale Genre RPG Genre MMORPG Genre Beat'em Up Genre Hack'n Slash genre Genre Shooter Genre JRPG Genre Horror Genre Survival (Survival) Genre Sandbox Genre Fight Genre Adventure Genre Action Indie Genre
  • Level of performance: Junior



  • • White
  • Passos/MG

I am a Technologist in Graphic Design by UNIFRAN. Currently I work mainly with arts for social media and logos, but I also have experience with lettering, layout, material for livestreams, offline media, etc.

  • Games of interest: General fortnite league of legends Overwatch VALORANT
  • Level of performance: Full
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